This guide will go through the process of adding printers onto your Trust Laptop devices:

Step 1 – Required if you print to department accounts within school (Skip this step if you don’t charge to department accounts)


  1. Install the paper cut client, using the install link to your school below, Please ensure you install your schools client only. (Link will only work within school)


 (IPSLEY) – Papercut Client

(Church Hill & Abbeywood) – Papercut Client


  1. Once you have selected the above link, please follow the install instructions
  2. If a papercut window opens, please login with your normal school username and password.


Step 2 - 


  1. On the  Staff Shared landing page for your school under ‘staff resources’ please click on the ‘printer setup’ button:







Once you have selected the ‘printer setup’ button a new page displaying Step 1 & Step 2 will appear. Please ignore step 1 as this software should already be deployed onto your laptop.


  1. Please click on the ‘connect and get my printers’ in step 2
  2. After a few seconds a prompt should appear in the top of your screen as shown below:



If the prompt above does not show, please try clicking the button again and if it still does not work, please contact IT support as it means the software has not been installed on your device yet.


  1. The printers will now be installed on your machine and can be identified with (mobility) as shown below:



  1. You can now print as normal.



These steps only need to be followed once and the printers will be remembered on your machine. We are also working on standardising this across the trust so if you visit another school you will be able to follow the same steps and add that schools printers onto your device to print.