This guide will show you how to check your OneDrive to ensure all your work has successfully uploaded into office365. 

Firstly there are some important Do’s and do not’s when using OneDrive

Do – Regularly save if the Auto save feature is not enable (always enable where possible) 

Do – Always check you are saving documents in the right place

Do – always save new documents into OneDrive or SharePoint as soon as possible

Do Not – Save your documents on the desktop 

Do Not – Save personal documents in SharePoint


Check if OneDrive Running:

Before anything else, you need to double check that OneDrive is running on your machine and start OneDrive if it is not running. You can check if OneDrive is running by following a few simple steps:

1. Check your taskbar for a blue cloud icon (bottom right of screen) you may also need to click on the ^ to the left of the icons if you can’t see it straight away:


2.  If OneDrive is displayed as shown above there is nothing else you need to do, if OneDrive is not running, you can start OneDrive by searching for it in the start menu.


3. Once you run One Drive from the start menu, if you are asked to sign-in, please login with your school email address and password, to log into your account.

4. Once OneDrive has started you can access your documents as normal through the start menu.



Check if my files have uploaded\Synced:

The below shows two different ways you can check the status of your created\edited file to see if it has been uploaded\synced with Office365.


Option 1 – Check OneDrive Status in the system tray.


Left click on the OneDrive Icon in the task bar, to display recent activity, if it displays Uploaded your document has synced with Office 365.



Option 2 – Check Sync Status in file explorer.



Open file explorer, browse to the document you created\edited, there will be an icon to the right of the file, this will tell you the current sync status of the file:


This icon shows that the sync has not yet completed and the file has not uploaded into Office 365:


This icon shows that the file has been uploaded successfully and is up to date with Office 365.




If you have followed the above and you are still experiencing issues with syncing files with Office365, please check your OneDrive in the start menu, if it displays a Red Cross this indicates that there is an issue with your OneDrive that may be preventing data from being uploaded.


Please left click on the OneDrive icon which should display some information on the problem that OneDrive is experiencing, please follow the information provided to try and resolve.


If you are still experiencing issues, please contact IT Support.