Connecting a laptop to your home wireless network:

Once the device has been turned on and the login screen appears, there will be a ‘wireless’ icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 

Please click on the wireless icon and this will show a list of available networks to connect to, please find the wireless network you wish to connect to and choose ‘connect’.

Enter the password to connect to your wireless network and you will be connected ready for you to log into your Laptop. You won’t be able to log into your device until you are connected to a network.

Logging into your school laptop:

Once the laptop has been connected to the internet, you can easily log into the device by using your normal school username and password.

If you are unsure on your username and password, please contact IT support:

Accessing your School Documents:

You can easily access your personal, student shared and staff shared documents at home by using Cloud drive mapper.

Once you are logged into the laptop, Cloud drive mapper will automatically start and map your personal and shared drives onto your machine, it may take a few minutes for these drives to appear so please allow a little time. Once the drives have been mapped you will be able to via the my computer or file explorer icon, as shown below:


                      File Explorer -     This PC -

You will then be able to see your personal and shared areas:


You can also access your personal documents and shared areas by logging into office 365:

Signing into office with your school email address and password:

Arrowvale =

Ipsley = 

Churchhill =

Abbeywood =

Sutton Park =

Oldbury Park =

St Stephens =

Tipton = 


Once Signed in, please select ‘OneDrive’ for personal documents & ‘SharePoint’ for shared drives.


No Drives are showing?

When you log into your device, Cloud Drive mapper will automatically sign you in and map all the drives you have permission to. This process can take a minute to get everything connected for you so please allow a little time and all your drives will appear automatically. If after a few minutes you still don’t see any drives please check to ensure cloud drive mapper is running. 

How do I know if Cloud Drive Mapper is running? 

You can check to see If Cloud Drive mapper is running on your machine by looking for the Cloud Drive mapper icon in the bottom right hand side of your screen, it looks like a cloud as highlighted below:

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated




In the event that Cloud Drive mapper is not running, you can start it by selecting Cloud Drive Mapper on the start menu. This will start the software and automatically log you in, mapping your drives. 

Further Questions or problems?

Please contact IT support: