To be able to make calls to mobiles/landlines via teams you need to have a specific licence enabled on your account, if your unsure if you have this licence please contact IT Support

Once a licence has been assigned to you, you will have a dedicated phone number which can be used to contact you if you wanted to share this. 

To make a call to a landline or mobile, open teams either on the desktop App or within 365. 

Once Opened on the left hand side there will be a 'Calls' button, please select this.

Once you have selected the calls button you will see the below option, here you can create contacts to call for ease, view your call history and listen to any voicemails you may have received, at the very bottom you can see the option 'dial a number' 

Press Dial a number and enter the number on the keypad, once your finished will the call, press the 'red phone' to hang up.

If you have any questions or experience any problems, please contact IT Support

If you have any problems please contact the IT support team.

Phone – 01527 359028