Parents' evenings


Parents’ evening allows appointments to be booked by teachers, staff, and if enabled, parents and students. So there is no need for paper-based systems and everyone can keep track of their schedule for the evening. This feature will only be available if your school has purchased Parents' evenings.

Booking an appointment

To book an appointment go to the Parents’ evening page under Community and select the relevant event. You can view previous events by using the date filter at the top left. You can book an appointment by selecting the green + icon under the Actions column for the time you wish to book in for. You will then be asked to pick a student and parent to complete the process.

From the Schedule page, you have the chance to edit and delete any appointments by using the action icons. You can print your schedule page by selecting Print schedule. Students will not be able to edit or delete your appointments, however a parent can cancel an appointment you have made. All cancelled appointments will be listed at the bottom of your schedule for reference.

Example staff member's schedule

Once the appointment has been booked, you can access some of the student's epraise data, including points, demerits, homework and attendance, by clicking on their appointment.

Quick stats on specific student when appointment selected


On the evening of the event your schedule will be live, highlighting your current appointment. If any student sees that you’re free and books an appointment with you during the event, then it will instantly update your page. For each appointment, you can mark a parent as attended or not as indicated by the Yes and No option on the appointment slot. If you notice a green dot next to a student’s name on your schedule that means they are present in the building and a red dot means they have left. This feature can be useful to see, if you can meet with another parent if your current appointment is running late.

Teacher's schedule when event is live

Additional appointments are made for those parents you have time to see on the night but are not already in your schedule. They can then be marked as attended for that appointment. Additional appointments will appear at the bottom of the page.

Vutton to add additional appointment


Notes can be written against each appointment to act as a reminder if there are any issues or points you want to bring up with the parent on the evening. Depending if the setting has been enabled you will also be able to see notes made by parents.


You may be entitled to a certain number of breaks during the event, this will be indicated at the top left of the page. To book them in simply select the tea break icon under the Actions column. You can delete these afterwards by using the cross icon.


To book an appointment on behalf of a student go to Community > Parents’ evening and select the relevant event. Click on the Students tab, choose the relevant student and select Book appointment. Select the appropriate parent and teacher, then choose a time. Only the teacher's available times are displayed, so there is no chance of double-booking. If advanced bookings have been enabled then you can simply mark who can book their meeting early by selecting either Yes or No under the Allow advanced bookings column.

List of students with prioirty booking
List of staff and appointments for parents' evening