Important information

This is an additional feature. You will only be able to use this if your school has purchased it. This feature gives you the chance to set homework and classwork with the option to share with students and parents as well as including attachments.

As part of the feature, there are certain restrictions in place to ensure the system remains quick and easy to use. These are as follows;

  • 1 attachment per homework
  • 4MB attachment maximum
  • Supported file types
    • Word Processor – doc, docx, txt, pdf
    • Presentation – ppt, pptx
    • Spreadsheet – xls, xlsx, csv
    • Image – jpg, png
    • Audio – mp3
  • Staff members have space for 50 attachments
  • Epraise isn't intended as a long-term storage solution. Unused historic attachments may be deleted automatically 1 month after the due date or 2 months after the attachment was uploaded (whichever is later)

Getting started

To create a homework note go to Groups > Classes or Tutor groups > Class/Tutor group > Classnotes.

Class view of the classnotes tab

Click on New note on the right hand side.

Button to create a new classnote

Select the Homework tab and fill in the details of the homework you are setting. The Set date is automatically populated with the date you created the homework note. If you are creating homework notes in advance, you can click on the date in the Set date box and alter it to a future date.

Creating a classnote criteria filled in

To add an attachment to your homework note, click on the Choose button. Drag your file across to the blue Drag & drop box and then wait for it to upload. The file upload page will show how many uploads are remaining and which ones are not being used.

Attachment box with possible files in

Once your file has uploaded you’ll need to click on the file to attach it to your homework note. You also have the option here to search for homework files using a text search on the Search menu or for homework set by other members of staff using the Colleagues menu. The window will close once a file has been selected. A cloud icon will appear on the classnote, which signifies there is an attachment to download.

You can edit your homework note or attachment at any time by clicking on the yellow pencil icon on the right of the note. The homework will also be displayed on both the Classnotes page and Planner.


Classnotes for the current week can be displayed in a planner-style view by selecting Me > Planner. Here you can also view work set in the future or completed in the past using the left and right arrows to move through the weeks. You can also view all entries by either due date or set date.

A full staff planner

You can add further notes on this page by selecting New note at the top of the right hand column. Enter the homework details, then click Next step to select one or more classes that you wish to set the homework for. You can also apply different due dates and set dates for each class here.

Creating a note via the planner filled in
Next stage of selecting a class when creating a note via the planner

This note will then be added both in Classnotes and on the existing Planner for you to view and students if you decide to share it with them.

Student's view

Students will have access to their own Planner by going to Me > Planner.

The diary layout makes it really easy for students to see when their homework has been set and when it is due in. If they have homework due within the next 5 days there will be a red circle to indicate this by the planner icon in the top right hand side of the screen.

Student icons with homework alert

The diary opens up showing the homework that is due, with options to look at ‘Set only’ or ‘Due and Set’ on the right hand side. There is also a handy key to indicate whether the homework has either been Set, Due, Overdue or Completed.

Student planner with homework in

Students can click on the homework note to view the homework details and download any attachments by clicking the blue cloud icon. They can mark the homework as complete by clicking on the green Mark done button. This will update the homework in the diary view to show as Completed with a green icon.

Individual homework expanded in student planner

If they accidentally mark homework as completed, they can quickly undo this by opening the homework and clicking the red Mark not done button.

Example fo student homework being marked as not done

Marking homework

You can click on the assessment icon for any homework, in order to mark work as handed in and/or add grades to them.

Marksheet icon

To mark something as handed in, simply click in the Handed in column. Note that the student’s work will be marked as complete when it is handed in. You can also add a marksheet column by clicking the plus (+) icon after the Handed in column. You can bulk award points to the students who have handed in their homework, by clicking the Award button below the Handed in column.

Marksheet filled in when marking individual homework