You should have received an E-mail from a member of the IT Support team which will contain a link to the staff shared SharePoint site, this can be seen below:

Following this like it will take you to the staff shared SharePoint site, once opened you can access the documents within the site by selecting the 'documents' option on the left hand side.

 We recommend that you now 'follow' this site so it shows up for you prominently within word or within SharePoint online, to favourite the site there is a 'star' located on the top right hand side of the window as shown below.


This site will now show under the 'following' section when accessing SharePoint online as shown below.


Syncing SharePoint Sites to your device.

 Most of you currently use OneDrive on your machine to access your documents within school, and will recognise it by the

 little blue cloud that runs in the system tray:

You can also sync a SharePoint library so this now shows on your machine too as a folder for easy access too, to do this open the Staff Shared SharePoint site online via the link above or by logging into and browsing to the site from SharePoint. 

Once on the SharePoint site, select Documents on the left hand side as shown above and you should then see a 'sync' option appear above the documents as shown in the picture below.


Click on the 'Sync' button and follow the instructions, this will now sync that SharePoint site documents onto your machine to be easily accessed as you would the old StaffShared as shown below:


Accessing SharePoint Site's through office programs. 

Once you start using SharePoint sites or 'Follow' as shown above these sites will automatically show up for you in all office products for example, word and Excel. 

To access your SharePoint documents, like staff shared online all you need to do is open your office application, in this demo I will be using Word as the example. 

Once you have opened word, click 'file > Open > Sites > AVA Staff Shared' as shown in the picture below:

Once you have selected the SharePoint site you would like to open a file from you just need to browse it as normal. this works the same when you want to save a document to a SharePoint site. 

An added bonus of working within SharePoint or OneDrive means that it auto saves every key stroke on your machine so you will never lose any of your work again :) 

If you have any problems or any questions, please contact the IT support team.

Email –

Phone – 01527 359028