Time to complete: 2 Minutes

Your OneDrive client is the program that syncs your OneDrive files to your PC in school. You will recognise it by the little blue cloud that runs in the system tray:

Currently, by default, Microsoft only syncs your OneDrive documents, not shared libraries. We can sync these manually however, using the following instructions:

On your internet browser, log into office.com and open OneDrive. On the left you will have your Shared libraries you have accessed before:

If you don't see the shared library there, try opening "Sharepoint" from the office.com homepage, if you still don't see it type it into the URL using this format: https://rsaacademy.sharepoint.com/sites/AVAScience. After accessing the library once, you should see it in OneDrive.

Click on the library you want to sync,

Then, once that loads, click Sync:

That will sync the shared library to your OneDrive client on the computer that you're using. If you move to another computer you will have to do the process again.

If you have any problems please contact the IT support team.


Phone222 X 242