The Academy uses a print management solution called PaperCut.  The PaperCut application will already be installed on the device provided to you. This application must be open when you wish to print, please see below -

Windows Device - Click on the Windows button,  located the PaperCut- MF Client shortcut and click on it. 

Once the software is open, the window to the right will appear - 

There are 2 two printer queues setup on the system -



The mono queue only prints in black and white (B&W). The colour queue will allow both colour and B&W jobs to be printed, however the colour cost will be apply applied to any B&W jobs sent - please insure you have selected the correct print queue.

There are a number of Multi-Functional Device (MFD's) located around the Academy for for staff use.  Your ID card will need to be linked to your account the first time you use it at one the MFD's.  To set up your ID Card follow the instructions below:- 

  1. Scan your new card on the right-hand panel located under the screen on the MFD (see image on right)
  2. You will get a pop up saying 'Unknown card. Do you wish to associate this card with your user account?' Press 'Yes'
  3. Press on the username box and enter your username e.g. bloggs.j, press 'OK'
  4. Click on the password box and enter your password,  press 'OK'
  5. Press the 'set' button
  6. Once your ID card is setup, you can swipe your ID card to login any use any of the MDF's in the academy.  

Printing -  

  • Press print from within the application you are using as usual (e.g Word, Excel etc). 
  • A 'Print Job Notification' window will appear requesting confirmation
  • Click on the 'Print' button to confirm and send your request (see image to right).

To release your print job, scan your ID card at one of the MFD's, you will see the following three options :- 

  • Print release
  • Device Functions (photocopying)
  • Scan  
  • Press the 'Print release' button, select the print job on the screen and press the print button to print the document(s).

Device Functions (photocopying) -

  • Place the sheet you wish to copy in the feed located at the top of the MFD or on the window by lifting the top feeder.
  • Swipe your ID card to login to the MFD, select 'Device functions', then select 'Copy' on the next screen.
  • Enter the number of copies required and amend the settings as required e.g. single sided, duplex, staple etc  

Scanning - 

  • Place the sheet you wish to scan in the feed located at the top of the MFD or on the window by lifting the top feeder.
  • Scan your ID card to login to the MFD, select 'Scan', then 'Scan to my E-mail' on the next screen.
  • Press the Settings button to change the settings as required and the press 'Start', the scanned document will be set to your email account (please note there is a 15 page limit).