RM Unify is your Launch Pad to the cloud, it's a single sign-on-system and application library. Once signed in, the following two launch pads are available:-

RSA Academy Launch Pad (Shared)

My Launch Pad (Personal)

The shared launch pad enables staff and students to access on-line services that we use at the Academy,  e.g. O365, Google Drive and Go 4 Schools, this launch pad is managed centrally by the ICT Services Team. 

The 'My Launch Pad' allows you to create your own tiles to websites and Google drive folders, allowing quick and easy access to them.

To access RM Unify please follow the instructions below -

1. Open a web browser e.g. Google Chrome

2. Browse to www.rmunify.com

3. Enter your Email Address and Password

4.Click Sign in (Please accept the terms and 

conditions the first time you login).

4. Once signed in you will see the RSA Academy launch pad and the tiles you have access to.

(To switch launch pads, click on the icon's located in the top left side of your screen)