This guide will provide all the steps required to migrate your archived emails stored on the school system online to office 365 so they can be accessed anywhere at any time. (If you are unsure on where your archive emails are stored, please contact a member of the IT team) 

1. Open outlook

2. Click on the ‘File’ tab top left corner and select ‘Open and export’

3. Select the option ‘Import/Export’ as shown below

4. Select ‘import from another program or file’ option and click ‘next’

5. Locate the ‘Outlook Data File’ option in the list, select it and click next

6.  Use the browse button to locate the archive file to import (if your unsure on how to find this contact IT support)

7. If you would like all the archive emails transferred over, please leave the defaults and click finish

8. All done, your messages will now copy over onto office 365

If you have any problems please contact the IT support team.

Phone222 X 242