This guide will take you though the 2 most common ways of accessing your emails at home and within school.

Option 1 - Microsoft Outlook:

1. Open outlook by following the below steps:        

  • Click start menu
  • All programs
  • Office 2019
  • Outlook 2019

2. Once opened you will be prompted to enter your password, as shown below:

Please enter your normal school password.

Important: please ensure that you tick the ‘remember my credentials’ tick box. This will    prevent the need to enter your password each time you open outlook.

3. Once your password is entered and you have ticked the ‘remember my credentials’ box, click ‘ok’ and outlook will open and can be used as normal.

Tips & Tricks:

Right clicking the ‘outlook 2019’ shortcut on the start menu in step one and selecting ‘Pin to start menu’ makes it easy to find and access for the future, this can be done with all shortcuts on the start menu too!

Option 2 – Office Online:

When at home or using a mobile device, you can easily access your emails using office online by following these steps:

1. Open your preferred browser, i.e. google chrome and type in the URL and press enter.

2. This will load a login page for office 365, click on ‘sign in’

3. Enter your school email address as the username and school password as the password.

4. Once signed in you will be taken to the landing page of office 365, to access your emails simply select the Outlook icon.

5.  Once outlook is selected it will open up and you will able to access your emails as normal.

Tips & Tricks:

Bookmarking the page on your browser once signed into office 365 allows you to quickly access all of your apps.

If you have any problems please contact the IT support team.

Phone01527 359028