Each classroom at the academy is equipped with a TV,  Apple TV and Windows Display adapter which allows staff to duplicate there device's screen wirelessly to their class.  

This allows staff to use there device anywhere in the classroom.The TV's are setup as standard with the following inputs:-

HDMI1 - Apple TV
HDMI2 - Windows Display Adapter 

To change the input, please press the 'source' button located on the right hand side of the TV until you reach the required input.  

To connect a MacBook to the TV,  follow the instructions below:

Change TV input to HDMI 1 (if not already) > Click the Airplay icon (top right corner on MacBook) > Click on the classroom number you are in from the list Enter the 4 digit code that is display on the TV in to the box that appear on you Macbook screen (see below)



To connect a Surface Pro to the TV,  follow the instructions below: 

Change TV input to HDMI 2 (if not already)Swipe in from the right edge of the Surface screen with your finger (menu on right will appear)Tap or click on the Connect tile, and then pick your classrooms name. (You might need to click Expand if you can’t see the Connect tile)