Running the General Student List ReportThe General Student List report provides a basic pupil/student report, displaying all pupil/students on-roll today and accepted applicants, regardless of their enrolment status (i.e. guest pupil/students and dual registration pupil/students are included in the report output). The Effective Date of the report can be changed, if required so that you can view the report output as it would be on a different date.

This report can be run as a report in its own right or used as a template from which you can create and save your own report design. Saving your own report designs may reduce the amount of time spent recreating the same report each time you wish to view the same set of data.If you amend a report and then save it, the original SIMS report design is retained but you are invited to save your changes with a different report name. 

The report initially displays each pupil/student’s Full Name (surname and forename), Gender, Date of Birth, Year Group and Reg Group, sorted alphabetically by surname and forename.To run the report, select Reports | Student List | General Student List to display the General Student List as of  page.