• When you logon the google drive sign in box should appear. However if it doesn’t Go to the start menu and type Drive. You should see Drive File Stream come up. Click on it to run it.

  • At the bottom right click on the little up arrow then this will bring a pop up menu, you will see the following icon. Click on it and you will then get a sign in box (if you log onto the same PC that you normally use it will automatically sign you in)

  • If you double click on it, you should be presented with a sign in box. Enter your email here and click next. Then enter your password, and click sign in.

Now it will sync all of your documents and create a G:/ drive. This can be found through the start menu then This PC  This is where you can access our documents and team drives.

The G:/ drive should open automatically however, if it doesn’t navigate to the start menu and choose Google Drive , If this still doesn’t work navigate to This PC  and choose the drive named Google Drive File Stream (G:). You will now be able to access everything. Any issues contact the IT Team.